So, here is the thing about my post from last night: I was just being a pity-seeking, mopey, human. And I am over it. I just needed to vent, I suppose, and you got that end of it. Haha.


Today I am sitting here in the coffee shop at my school, and I am reflecting on my life. I do not know what I want, what I want to do, where I want to go…etc. And it makes me feel lost, yet I also am feeling a bit care-free right now, which is a feeling that I am far from used to. I couldn’t tell you what is really going on…I don’t feel the same, but I don’t feel bad. Does any of this make sense? Probably not…my mind is a jumble, yet empty at the same time. I am probably just rambling because I am tired. But, either way, I am doing just fine. In a way that is unfamiliar to me.


And it is all okay.



I hope you all are doing well, whoever you all may be. God bless.


There is something about getting hopes up that I am just too good at. However, on the contrary, I never have been good with dealing with the aftermath…the fall.

I don’t feel like giving actual details here. But it becomes difficult for me to want something, so badly, but know that it might not, probably won’t happen.

I am really looking forward to a lot right now, and I can’t take it not working out.

But I will try.

Busybusybusy. Excusesexcusesexcuses.

I really am swamped with school. And with work. And reading for school, and writing, and trying out for a musical (probably) and Bible Study and friends and breathing and trying to sleep.

So I apologize that I have not been posting, and that I have not posted about Geographer yet (which was amazing).

Basically, I will consistently post more once this semester is winding down or over…so basically I should be consistent in May haha.


Again sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyy.



Bye ❤ 🙂

So spring semester started up…

It is going to be difficult to find time to post at the beginning of this semester, just because I have a lot of reading and stuff to figure out. But I’ll figure it out. Don’t any of you worry.

I will be working on a post about one of the greatest shows I have seen: Geographer. My god they are amazing!



Guinea pigs, face masks, and impulse buying.

So last night I rekindled with a great friend of mine. We met in the fourth grade and ever since have had a very unique friendship. An awesome one, at that. It’s the type where you go a lengthy time not seeing each other or talking to one another and then once you do suddenly it’s as if you picked up right where you left off. And it’s great! So here’s to you, Karsen, for great times!

I’ll lay it out from the beginning: what was to be a night of simply 1. hitting the mall 2. grabbing dinner at Applebee’s only because I had a gift card for there and 3. crashing on the same couch that we always share together, even though we are “grown adults” (this became a tradition way back when, love it.) turned into a night of all of those things, with others in-between. Thus, we added to the list: 1. get a guinea pig and 2. face masks. Why? Because, why not?

Here is another thing to know: Karsen is queen bee at impulse buying. She might have a problem. I don’t know, maybe she does? You tell me?:

T: Is that a snowboard in your backseat? …do you even snowboard?!

K: Yes, it is…it was such a good deal!

T: Okay…but do you even snow board?!

K: Not yet…

Bahaha, so there you have it. The answer is, yes, yes she does have a problem. But due to that “problem” I became an “auntie” to this little duder ❤


This is Ron Diaz, and he is soooooo cute! And tiny! The remote controller picture is supposed to be a comparison photo. The impulse buy of the night was either 1. get tattoos… (but they didn’t have openings/only accepted cash or 2. buy a guinea pig for Karsen…so it’s clear which was the winner.


He makes the cutest squeaks and sneezes. So there really is not much more to say about him other than he’s the cutest and I’ll kill my cats if they try to touch him…which they haven’t yet, but I wouldn’t put it past them. It’s been fun having him at our sleepover but he becomes a Milwaukee native once Karsen heads out, sad day. Next time I see him he’ll probably be an adult. Oh god…I am an aunt.

The other highlight of the night was looking like this:


First of all, we’re babes.

Second…this stuff smells like blackberry, and it smells so good. Aside from the very intimidating factor of applying black goop to your face and praying it does not stain and that it will, in fact, peel off of your face as the bottle guarantees, it was a good time! (But really, I felt like I was ripping a bandaid off my entire face. Fantastic.) But like I said, good times!

In a nutshell, from my night you can conclude:

1. Ron Diaz is the cutest.

2. Impulse buying is an issue…but a cute one 😉 kidding…sorta.

3. Face masks, good times!

4. Applebee’s…eh. Only with a gift card.

5. Sharing couches, life long memories. (New record! I didn’t receive a kick to the shoulder or face last night, amazing… looks like we’re growing up after all. *tear*)

Thanks again!

Breaking Dawn Part II

Breaking Dawn Part II

So my mom and I finallllllllly got around to seeing Breaking Dawn Part II last night, and we loved it! Honestly, we thought that we would be the only ones in the theater…seeing as the movie has been out for almost 2 months now, but there were easily 15 of us there! Craaaazy…so other people have busy lives too, phwew. Mom, looks like we’re doing okay! Anyways, the movie was great, and I was a little sad to see the series end, y’know? But oh well, on to the next!

…and I want to buy the soundtrack…because that’s just what I do…

Thanks for the fun date night, mama!

Oh, just reading…

Oh, just reading...

I am reading a book called Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs.

And it is great. And, you should read it!

I would attempt to explain to you here what this book is about…however I tried to do that for a friend the other day, and I think I sounded like a mad-woman ready to be admitted into an institution…at least that’s the story their face told me…That being said, just read it.

Here’s something for the record:

God is good. God is GREAT, rather.

I am a constant worrier…I let a lot of little petty things get to me sometimes and it’s something that is dumb. I know that I need to pray more, and put things into God’s hands, but sometimes that is hard.

That being said, I have come a long way. I know that God has blessed me in my life more than I will ever know: my family, my friends, a future lover, health, education, life.

Lately I have been feeling called to transfer schools. Currently I attend Carroll University, in Waukesha, WI (if you have heard of it and you are not from there, that is interesting to me…tell me how!) and I really am feeling called to be at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. I have visited the campus three times now, the first being last March when I went to see Gungor (if you don’t know of them, get to knowing of them! They are aaamazing.) Anyways, I fell in love with the campus, with the band, with someone of great importance to me (ooh ooh, I know <3) and most importantly, with God! And I know that Wheaton is where I want to be, and that it could be great for me and my faith. Another way that it could totally be awesome for me is that it would get me to another part of this world, to live somewhere other than WI, like I have my whole life. I need to expand.

I know that it is all in God’s hands. And prayers that I get accepted are greatly appreciated. I hope that anyone who is taking the time to read this, knows God. And how amazingly gracious, and blessing, and forgiving, and great that He is! BUT, say you don’t know God yet, that is okay, because it is never too late! That’s a great great thing too. Anyways, thank you all for being. And for reading my quirky things. You rock. Remember that.

Jeremiah 29:11




Let me apologize first hand if this looks like a jumble…because I am just starting out. And honestly, I don’t know much of what I am doing. But here’s to fill you all in:


1. This is me. Or, more so, just my face. But I think it is fair for you all to know what I look like. If I am going to be real, people like seeing pictures far more than reading…which is insanely ludicrous and you all need help! Kidding. Mostly. But I enjoy many blogs solely for their photos, even if maybe it’s just because those ones are photo-only-blogs…but reading about people is great too. Wow. Regardless, this is my face, and I should learn to stay on track.

2. Here are snippets of my favorite food(s). Generally? Fruit. But apples are my thang. And pomegranate seeds (as pictured) and grapes. Done and done. No fussing, no excuses (because there needs to be? …what?). Other than coffee and tea (Forever and always) these lovelies are my favorites. So shout-out to fruit, coffee and tea: luh you guys! (I am a dork, accept this.)

3. This is Charlie with my face! And I love him! I also have another cat, Oona. She’ll make her appearance here, no doubt about that…but Charlie is a chunk and lays around far more and is just easier to capture. She and Charlie are brother and sister. And, man, are they annoying. But they are family and I love them and I cried and begged for those pests…and I wrote a book report thing about them in the 5th grade. Needless to say, if you want something, beg, cry and write about it. Just kidding, don’t do that, because it is not acceptable past the age of 2…and even then your parents resent you. Ha! But back to what really mattered about this photo: I am a cat-gal, and I love the glasses that I am wearing in this picture too, because they’re fun and cute!


I guess the moral of this post was to 1.) show my face, and man up to what I am becoming (I don’t know what that means either…) 2.) to show you what I like to eat! As if any of you care! 3.) Show that I am a cat person, and really, that I am ready to have a dog. So: “Mooooooooom, Daaaaaaaad! Please!! No?! WHY!? But but but, I waaaaaaaant oneeeeeee!” *inserts tears and floor stomping* …Oh, you mean that isn’t going to work? Huh…who knew?! Anyways, I will refrain from “spoiled brat-ing” my way to a cute, cuddly, reliable and running-buddy-puppy…for now 😉


Thanks for giving your time, worth it or not!

(If from this post you’re not as freaked out about my brain as I am, God bless you…good grief…)